PPC Management & Website Optimization

Google Adwords search marketing is the fastest way to to drive qualified prospects to your website with the goal of getting a new lead, client, or customer.

There is no other way to get your ads and your business in front of hundreds or thousands of prospects daily with the quality of traffic Google provides.

This Is How We Get Your Business In Front of Your Ideal Prospect

  1. Your website analytics are analyzed by our team to identify the visitors that are producing leads or new customers. Our goal is to specifically target new visitors with the same demographics.
  2. Your company is interviewed so we can understand your ideal prospect and what makes a great customer or client so we an what kind of ad, copy writing, and landing pages that will get their attention.
  3. You get detailed keyword research and analysis (if you have current campaigns, we can audit them).
  4. You get brand new landing pages (or we can optimize current pages) specifically designed to capture more visitors and turn them into leads.
  5. You get specific lead generation and marketing tools that are cost effective and dramatically improve lead generation.
  6. You get tracking for key metrics (visitors, leads, calls, and anything else we can measure that will help you).
  7. You get a custom dashboard that shows your analytics, advertising spend, number of leads, and additional website related data so you are never guessing about the progress of your marketing.

We Optimize Your Marketing Processes

Most companies spend hundreds or thousands of dollars monthly on Google Organic SEO trying to get their site ranked #1 for a specific term.   We don’t get started with anything SEO related until we have run PPC ads to determine “which” keywords convert in to quality leads or customers.  Once we have your sales funnel dialed in and ideal keywords sorted out, THEN it’s time to invest in a long term organic SEO program that will get you those high rankings.  

In some instances, it’s not worth the money spent on SEO because Google Adwords currently owns the first 4 listings on ANY search result so the highest you can rank in most instances is #5.  The only way to get into the ideal top 3 spots is with Adwords campaigns.

Here Are Some Things We
Do Not Do

  • We do not do long term contracts.  If you are unhappy with our work you don’t pay.  It’s that simple.
  • We don’t do work for free.  You need to be spending at least $1,000/month in advertising spend for us to get involved.  We are not just spending your advertising dollars, we are optimizing and growing your business.
  • We don’t do audits that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars just to “tell you what’s wrong” without doing anything about it.  We fix sales and marketing problems.

We can help you drive more qualified traffic for less money, reduce your customer acquisition costs, and get the most out of every visitor to your website.  

All we need to do is get on a discovery call so we can identify ways we can grow your business with a significant ROI.

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