Email Prospecting

Get Leads From Decision Makers At Ideal Companies You Want To Work With

  • Fill the top of your funnel with high quality leads.
  • More effectively use your team to close new deals.
  • Reduce marketing spend compared to traditional channels.

There are 3 reasons that email prospecting for leads is effective for most B2B products and services.

  1. You only get leads from “ideal prospects” based on an ideal customer profile.  There is no “waste” in the campaigns compared to pay per click, SEO, and traditional marketing campaigns.
  2. Your leads are more qualified because the campaigns are targeted at decision makers instead of getting stuck with gatekeepers.
  3. Your team is focused on qualifying and closing instead of researching, data entry, and sending emails (we do that for you).

The first week we started our marketing program I received 4 requests for quotes, 3 requests to get on bid lists, 9 calls scheduled with developers and 11 internal referrals (to buyers).  These are the best results we have received across all marketing efforts (even trade shows).

John Rosende

CEO, TMD Windows & Doors

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