We Believe You Should Only Pay For Results.

We promise not to waste your time.  If your proven sales process does not close one of our warm leads then we’ll pay you $500.

“ONLY Pay for the Leads You Close”®

The only place to get ultra-targeted warm leads from decision makers within a week–they want to get on a call with you–and, you ONLY pay for the leads you close.

This is zero-risk lead generation!

…And we take it a step further with our power guarantee. If you follow our specific guidelines and still haven’t closed one of the leads we generated, we’ll pay you!

This Is How The Lead Generation Process Works

  1. We set up a discovery call to learn more about your business and your ideal customer profile (who is your target).
  2. We work with you to put together an offer that we can send to potential leads that tells them about your business and asks if they have time for a quick call.
  3. We put together a hand made list of ideal prospects including company, name, and email address.  We also scrub the list to make sure the emails do not bounce.
  4. We then send the emails out on your behalf (the email is from your company with your company’s email signature and info).
  5. Our team fields the responses and sends you warm leads that ask to learn more or would like to get on a call.
  6. We track those leads in your CRM or a reporting system we can both use to see your team’s progress with the leads.
  7. When you or your team closes a lead then we get a pre-determine commission on “new business”.

You don’t  pay a dime unless you land a new customer or client… period.

The first week we started our marketing program I received 4 requests for quotes, 3 requests to get on bid lists, 9 calls scheduled with developers and 11 internal referrals (to buyers).  These are the best results we have received across all marketing efforts (even trade shows). John Rosende

CEO, TMD Windows & Doors

You Don’t Need to Do All This: Finding Prospects, Finding Contact Info, Verifying Emails, Writing Emails, Emailing, Getting Responses, Responding, Entering Leads Into A CRM, Reporting, Scaling, Growing, Improving, Systemizing… Because We Do All This For You!

If You Are Doing These Things, Please Contact Us Immediately…

Is This The Best Use Of Your Time Or Money?

  • The time it takes to find new prospects: On Linkedin, association sites, directories, company websites, press releases, public documents.
  • Or “buy” in-mail from Linkedin (for a small fortune which is not scalable)
  • Scrape some directories or association sites (how old are those?)
  • And then to get an actual email address (a legit email address).
  • Now we have to actually put together an email for them (a really good email) that’s personalized (so they don’t think it’s automated) and that will hopefully get a response (or all my time was wasted).
  • Then having to get some sort of understanding of if the emails were delivered, opened.
  • Did they bounce?
  • Did they go into the spam box?
  • Were they blocked?
  • How much time did it “actually” take and did it work?
  • Can I pull this off daily or weekly?
  • Is this the best use of my time or my “pay grade“?

Are You Using Some Of These Tactics That Consistently Underperform?

  • Buying a list and bulk mailing: That’s called SPAM and it will black list your mail server.
  • 40% Bounce Rates… that’s the average bounce rate of a “purchased” list. Anything over 10% will get you blocked by most reputable mail servers.
  • Using Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, etc – Those all require “double opt in” and will not let you import a list and send.
  • Buying Leads may work for some niche’s but typically they are generated in a “generic” way (not branded by your company) and sold to 3-5 other companies (we don’t operate like this).
  • Networking on Linkedin: Well, currently you get 5 in-mails per month and buying more is very expensive. Unless you already have their email address you are out of luck.
  • Reverse IP Lookup for leads (we love this), but we have the only service that not only tells you which companies visit your site but we will actually email them to get you a new lead.
4 Ways To Get Warm Leads For Your Business That Work
– In 7 Days Or Less or Your Money Back!

Outbound Email Prospecting

We identify your ideal customers, craft emails designed to produce warm leads, and grow your business with consistent, high quality prospecting.  All done one-by-one “the old fashioned way”… because it works.

LinkedIn Prospecting

This “done for you” service will generate consistent leads for your ideal customers (because that’s who we invite).  It’s a combination of content marketing, one-by-one invites, and one-by-one follow up to produce warm leads interested in your products or services.

PPC Management & Website Optimization

PPC ads on networks like Google AdWords and LinkedIn are still one of the most effective ways of driving high quality prospects into your lead generation funnel, but don’t settle for a company that runs your PPC campaign on autopilot.

IP Address Prospecting

97% of the visitors to most sites do not become leads, subscribe, or click on one of your calls’ to action.  With IP Address prospecting, we go get a chunk of that 97% with an outbound prospecting campaign to their company (because we know they were looking).

“We identify your ideal customer, craft your offer, and go out and get high quality leads that will grow your company regardless of SEO, PPC, and you don’t even need a website.” – Jimmy Ellis Co-Founder, Lead Strategist

Jimmy Ellis

Jimmy Ellis

Co-Founder, Lead Strategist

Chris Rizzo

Chris Rizzo

Co-Founder, Technology Specialist

The first week we started our marketing program I received 4 requests for quotes, 3 requests to get on bid lists, 9 calls scheduled with developers and 11 internal referrals (to buyers).  These are the best results we have received across all marketing efforts (even trade shows). John Rosende

CEO, TMD Windows & Doors

I use to attend networking events every week, participate in multiple business groups, make cold calls, and hope to get referrals from those contacts to grow my business.  With Prospecting Hub, I got more qualified leads in one week than I did in 3 months of “the old way” and I didn’t have to spend hours and hours of time at networking events. Bill Clinebell

CEO, Relocation Strategies

tmd-logoTMD Moves from Referral Only Business to Outbound Marketing Using Automated Lead Generation with ProspectingHUB

Name of Company: TMD Companies (tmdcompanies.com)

Niche: Construction /  Home Builders

About TMD Companies: TMD is the staple for aluminum clad wood windows and doors for the Tampa Bay area.  TMD is one of the largest window distributors in the entire state of Florida. Their commercial division focuses on the windows and doors for multi-family, assisted living facilities, and high-rise projects.  They pride themselves on their knowledge, accuracy of take-off, and value engineering skills.

Type of Campaign: Email Prospecting

Where they were struggling: Their business had been running based on referrals only for the past 10 years, and so their primary way to get leads was some local networking and referrals. They didn’t know of any other way to get leads, their site wasn’t producing leads, and they wanted to try digital online marketing, but were frustrated because they had no expertise in doing so.

What we did: We asked TMD who their ideal client was, and then we focused our team on finding those companies. We then researched specific contacts at those companies and sent out manual prospecting emails to our target contacts in each company. From there we monitored replies and forwarded the most qualified leads requesting calls and more information to TMD’s sales team to close.

What’s different now:  TMD Companies is now getting new business, including requests for bids, RFQs, and closed deals. We’ve filled the top of their funnel with high quality leads they’ve never received through a prospecting channel they had never used before.


  • We’re Contacting 75 Companies Per Week
  • We’ve Added on Average 36 Warm Leads Per Month to TMDs Pipeline
  • We’ve Added 20 Referrals Per Month for Follow Up

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